Ceramic Works

My Focus

Since 2016 I’ve focused on creating hand-built ceramic sculptures and multi-functional vessels in organic shapes and adorned with insects, snakes, and flora. Porcelain is my favorite clay body to work in, although I do sometimes use fine stoneware.

Wheel Thrown or Hand-built?

Wheel thrown pottery is fun and beautiful, but I prefer to create hand-built works as they retain more of the imperfections that show the work was made by a human and not a machine. Authenticity is important - I never use ready-made molds or stamps, though I will occasionally make such tools by hand.

Why ceramics?

I love that ceramic mediums lend themselves perfectly to everyday use. Some artists consider this a “craft” rather than an “art”, but what’s important is incorporating beauty into every day life, so that the work can be used and appreciated daily.

The Maker’s Mark

Those little naked impressions on the sides of a ceramic work are not entirely accidental! These are the places where my fingers held the item as I dunked it into a carefully chosen glaze. I never try to cover these markings, because they cannot be made with a machine - they only appear on work made by a human being. This indicates both quality and an authenticity that is lacking in most modern goods.


How to See / Purchase

Come to one of the Columbia, SC based ceramics shows I participate in each year. Join the mailing list to be notified of upcoming events where you can see my wares and make a purchase in person.

Schedule a visit to my studio - just drop me a line and we can set an appointment for you to come by.

Make a request online - email me with the item you’d like to purchase. Many (though not all) works can be shipped safely to your address, or delivered in person. We can discuss options prior to any exchange.

Custom Work

Have something special in mind you’d like to request? Send a message and let’s talk details.

Payment Types Accepted

Payments for commissioned or ongoing projects are invoiced via Stripe secure checkout online. At shows and sales I accept cash and credit or debit payments via Square card reader or Cash App.

Ready to begin your project?