The Cat Lady Strikes Again

It's hardly a secret; I'm a cat lady in the making.  Apart from having one, I also paint them, design them, and pin them like they're going out of style.  Cats are pretty much my equivalent to crack.

Cat Ladies 1961 Hollywood

How awesome are these old school gals?  All lined up down a Hollywood street with their matching cats, dressed to the nines at a casting for black cats in 1961.  

Photos from Life Magazine via OddStuff


Neo Cat Lady Style

I suspect Consuelo Castiglioni, of the glorious Italian label, Marni, is a cat lady.  I go nuts when luxury designers incorporate fuzzy felines into their work, particularly when illustrated in a sketchy, crazed, or child-like style (1 & 2).  You should see me drooling right now.

The other thing I'm addicted to (I'm almost, but not quite ashamed to admit) is temporary tattoos.  Yes.  I'm 25 years old.  Temporary tattoos.  Because four year olds can't have all the fun.  Anyway, no matter what your age, I sincerely feel that there is a certain euphoric elegance about these temporary cat tattoos, designed by super talented illustrator Harriet Gray.       


1/  marni pink resin cat pin, $257  2/  marni cotton poplin "scratchy cat" floral shirt, $680  3/  madewell brass cat ring, $22 4/  tsumori chisato zippered cat pouch, $45  5/  cat origami pin by hug a porcupine, $25 (it's a british company, but they ship internationally!)  6/  temporary cat tattoos by illustrator harriet gray, $8.54  7/  forever 21 cat print cosmetic bag, $7

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Destination Nassau Circa 1970

Vintage Nassau Style a la Bianca Jagger & Lauren Hutton

I'm not much of a beach goer (though I insist I've become slightly less cranky about the sand, sweat, salt,  sweltering heat, and strange sea creatures over the years), but helloooo, it's March!  And I've had my fill of winter.  

I've been craving a relaxed sort of elegance, inspired by the tropics.  Linen, denim, leather details - with a serious injection of 70's cool.  Like the uber stylish Lauren Hutton and Bianca Jagger (I've been pinning both like a super creep) 

Most Wanted | Retro Bahamas Style
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Party Like It's 1899

With a return to long dresses (albeit deflated), and an exhaustion of all other eras of dressing, the turn of the (20th) century looks fresher than ever. 


The Original: Claude Monet

hit the nail on the head with his picturesque immortalization of the woman with a straw hat and blue scarf.



Modern Take: 

This airy chiffon dress and straw hat craves (aside from a nod to the 70's) a pastoral scene and petite garden path, much like the Claude Monet painting, below.


Inspired by: Pastoral Scene by Claude Monet

Deflate these dresses just a bit and tousle the hair, and this could be today's Central Park.


yards upon yards of fabric

Jessica Stam (left) demonstrates a modern version of this phenomenon  

Glorious excess

Paintings (right and below) by John Singer Sargent


all fashion photos via DustJacket Attic

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Jugendstil Wonders

[Williamsburg only wishes it were this cool.]

Karen Elson?  Or Emilie Floge?

Karen Elson?  Or Emilie Floge? 

A slew of velvet Poiret-esque ensembles, with florals piled upon florals, re-interpreted with the same kind of cheeky poetic lushness that exemplifies art nouveau and the jewel-toned, hyper-patterned works of Klimt. 

Karen Elson in Florals, Styled by Grace Coddington

Karen Elson photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth for Vogue.  Styled by Grace Coddington.

fashionably cool cats
Velvet & Hydrangeas
art nouveau inspired photo shoot with Karen Elson in a vintage diner, styled by Grace Coddington

Fashion photos via DustJacket Attic

photo shoot styled by Grace Coddington, two art nouveau inspired models on a garden path

Will the REAL Emilie Floge please stand up?

Emilie and Gustav

Portrait of Emilie, painted by her man (and MY man) Gustav Klimt.



Last, but never least . . .

One lucky kitty And a fabulous man.

Gustav Klimt & Kitty
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