Ash Blue + Eggshell

There's something kind of romantic about a gloomy grayish blue paired with loads of florals.  I'm craving a reprieve of simultaneous subtlety, richness, and weighty-lightness. Soothing hues, carefully edited feminine details, and a simple textural palette of silk, cotton, and leather.  In essence: something akin to the turn-of-the-century outdoorsy elegance of John Singer Sargent's lounging dames.


1  /  Marni  /  2  /  Asos, sold out, Similar  /  3  /  Allsaints  /  4  /  Cabinet Ring  /  5  /  Bottega Veneta  /  6  /  3.1 Phillip Lim  /  7  /  Madewell  /  8  /    Rickety Rack, sold out, Similar


John Singer Sargent, via

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Party Like It's 1899

With a return to long dresses (albeit deflated), and an exhaustion of all other eras of dressing, the turn of the (20th) century looks fresher than ever. 


The Original: Claude Monet

hit the nail on the head with his picturesque immortalization of the woman with a straw hat and blue scarf.



Modern Take: 

This airy chiffon dress and straw hat craves (aside from a nod to the 70's) a pastoral scene and petite garden path, much like the Claude Monet painting, below.


Inspired by: Pastoral Scene by Claude Monet

Deflate these dresses just a bit and tousle the hair, and this could be today's Central Park.


yards upon yards of fabric

Jessica Stam (left) demonstrates a modern version of this phenomenon  

Glorious excess

Paintings (right and below) by John Singer Sargent


all fashion photos via DustJacket Attic

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Jugendstil Wonders

[Williamsburg only wishes it were this cool.]

Karen Elson?  Or Emilie Floge?

Karen Elson?  Or Emilie Floge? 

A slew of velvet Poiret-esque ensembles, with florals piled upon florals, re-interpreted with the same kind of cheeky poetic lushness that exemplifies art nouveau and the jewel-toned, hyper-patterned works of Klimt. 

Karen Elson in Florals, Styled by Grace Coddington

Karen Elson photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth for Vogue.  Styled by Grace Coddington.

fashionably cool cats
Velvet & Hydrangeas
art nouveau inspired photo shoot with Karen Elson in a vintage diner, styled by Grace Coddington

Fashion photos via DustJacket Attic

photo shoot styled by Grace Coddington, two art nouveau inspired models on a garden path

Will the REAL Emilie Floge please stand up?

Emilie and Gustav

Portrait of Emilie, painted by her man (and MY man) Gustav Klimt.



Last, but never least . . .

One lucky kitty And a fabulous man.

Gustav Klimt & Kitty
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