Beauty in a Tube - Handsome Packaging

So I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day, and discovered a whole mess of pretty packaging tucked away in my Graphic Design board.  Call me nerdy, but it was almost like I'd found a $20 bill in my pocket. I said ALMOST.  

Aesthetically speaking, I want my whole life to look like a cross between the RodinCrema and Tokyomilk Dark.  With frequent vacations to MarvisLibrary of Flowers, and Soap & Paper Factory.  

Furthermore, I'm having a heart attack (the good kind) over the whole Tokyomilk Dark collection.  Item No. 4, above, is scented, "La Vie La Mort", which happily translates to "life and death".    


NO. 1  /  NO. 2  / NO. 3 / NO. 4 / NO. 5  

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