Otherworldly Porcelain Jewels

Most Wanted | Porcelain Jewelry by Andres Gallardo
"Gallop" | Porcelain Horses
Clustered Porcelain Rabbits
Pendant Necklace with Porcelain
Porcelain Lion Necklace

So generally speaking, I'm not a big jewelry person (hang on don't slap me yet).  I find that the vast majority of jewelry available, even by high end designer brands, is pretty boring, or worse - cheap looking.  Apart from a few classic, simple pieces for every day - thin gold bangles, a slender pendant necklace, etc - jewelry should be carefully edited, and pack a significant, relevant punch.   

Enter the new tzar of statement jewelry: Andres Gallardo.  Whatever this guy is drinking, I want what he's having.   

Not only is his aesthetic right up my alley: porcelain, flora, fauna, feminine, and cleverly absurd, his pieces are hand crafted in small batches using found porcelain objects. Prices start at an extraordinarily affordable $100 and run up to around $650.  


Plunder more Andres Gallardo:  


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