Fall Reds & Trompe L'Oeil

Kooky Lipstick Sweatshirt via Madewell
Kate Spade Cha Cha Mug
Steak & Roses Rug by Nathalie Lete


If I'm going to wear (or exhibit) the color red, it has to be something extra specialsuper minimal, or downright kooky.  It's a color that has big impact in carefully edited doses (awesome), and can easily end up looking ....well, gaudy as hell.  But I say, if you (or your living space) are going to end up looking gaudy as hell, at least do it purposefully.  And have a shit ton of fun with it.

While specimens No. 1 No. 2 pique my curiosity, I'm completely smitten by this wonderfully weird steak n' roses rug by illustrator Nathalie Lété (and check out her other items available at Anthropolige ) via The Jealous Curator.  

Shades of red for fall & winter 2013 via the Pantone Color Report.

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Otherworldly Porcelain Jewels

Most Wanted | Porcelain Jewelry by Andres Gallardo
"Gallop" | Porcelain Horses
Clustered Porcelain Rabbits
Pendant Necklace with Porcelain
Porcelain Lion Necklace

So generally speaking, I'm not a big jewelry person (hang on don't slap me yet).  I find that the vast majority of jewelry available, even by high end designer brands, is pretty boring, or worse - cheap looking.  Apart from a few classic, simple pieces for every day - thin gold bangles, a slender pendant necklace, etc - jewelry should be carefully edited, and pack a significant, relevant punch.   

Enter the new tzar of statement jewelry: Andres Gallardo.  Whatever this guy is drinking, I want what he's having.   

Not only is his aesthetic right up my alley: porcelain, flora, fauna, feminine, and cleverly absurd, his pieces are hand crafted in small batches using found porcelain objects. Prices start at an extraordinarily affordable $100 and run up to around $650.  


Plunder more Andres Gallardo:  


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Sneak Peek: Academic Branding & Blog

This design sneak peek is for an academic organization's branding and blog. I'm really enjoying the challenge of creating an online environment that is not only highly functional and organized, but also visually uplifting, and far from the unfortunate, ubiquitous boring-ness that plagues most liberal art centered academia.

My primary (aesthetic) concern for this project is balance: I know the staff and teachers will expect something professional and fairly restrained, while the students (who will be the ones actually using the blog) need an engaging design that keeps their interest and is simple and intuitive to navigate.

So to meet both needs in the middle, I'm going for an elegant, relaxed look with a color palette of subdued greys and blues, jazzed up with an energetic pop of aqua.  To keep the design relatable for the students - without being gimmicky or childish - ugh!, I've used a handwritten type face for the logo and header, and a couple of bold graphics like the world map (shown above) for the translation tool.   

This is just a quick preview, as this project is currently in-progress, but you can see the rest of my design projects over here at the studio.

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Neo Prep

Fresh shades and simple shapes, perfect for the last month of summer.  (I'm kind of sad already, but also looking forward to a season sans bugs.  You know.)



[ 1 ] Samudra's Canvas Tulum Wave Pouch, $65 because, girl,  the beach looks so good on you.  [ 2 ] Tatty Devine's Butterfly Necklace, $56 is one of the prettiest things I've ever seen - never been a fan of plastic jewelry... until right now.   [ 3 ]  Always on the lookout for a unique, feminine (and affordable!) watch.  Cold Picnic's Leather Icona-Pop Watch in Yellow, $50 totally fits the bill.  [ 4 ] I'll admit, I haven't tried  Byredo's Palermo Eau de Parfum, about $126 (€95) but the packaging is so divine, and I love a perfume with notes of citrus.  [ 5 ]  What's better than a kitschy fruit or floral print?  Dolce & Gabbana's Fruits & Florals Scarf, $495, which combines both, of course!  [ 6 ]  Last, but never least, the ultimate steal: Zara's Pointed Ballet Flats with Ankle Strap, $40 are a simple, chic twist on the everyday ballet flat, and guaranteed to go with everything.  Layout created with polyvore.

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Beauty in a Tube - Handsome Packaging

So I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day, and discovered a whole mess of pretty packaging hidden away in my Graphic Design board.  Call me nerdy, but it was like I'd found a $20 bill in my pocket! (er...almost).  

Honestly, I want my whole life to look like a cross between the Rodin Crema and Tokyomilk Dark.  Aesthetically speaking, of course.  With frequent vacations to MarvisLibrary of Flowers, and Soap & Paper Factory.  

Furthermore, I'm having a heart attack (the good kind) over the whole Tokyomilk Dark collection.  Item No. 4, above, is scented, "La Vie La Mort", which happily translates to "life and death".  And look at this one.  Does it not remind you of my elegantly spooky former branding for RGC?   


NO. 1  /  NO. 2  / NO. 3 / NO. 4 / NO. 5  

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Design News | Cat Lady R&R

Mandatory Break Time

Whoa, girl.  I can't believe it's almost August.  Although I haven't been posting as regularly here, I've been making slow and steady progress with the recent launch of my Design Studio.  Here's a quick wrap of where I've been:



several design projects, including this portfolio website for a client, a complete re-design of my Rive Gauche Craft blog, massive tweaking of my illustration & design studio website (design tweaks and making room for recent projects), and plenty more.



It turns out entrepreneurship is basically a massive can of worms (read: s t r e s s ), and today I took a much needed break from all work.  It was surprisingly tricky to keep my thoughts out of my inbox and off of my laptop, so I turned to one of the classic, low tech pastimes of every world class cat lady:embroidery



I'm psyched to announce that StyleMachine was featured on the very fab Pugly Pixel's "Launched" Series this weekend!  Also, check out Rive Gauche Craft on the Pugly Pixel Blog & Web Designer Directory.  (Awesome!)


P.S.  If you're a blogger or web design lover and you haven't had the glorious aesthetic experience and wealth of resources that is the Pugly Pixel blog, let's change that.

Photo by Yale Joel via Life Magazine Archives

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